The BMS Blivet is the world’s most compact ‘all in one’ sewage treatment system (plant) designed for populations from 20 – 2000 PE.  It is delivered ‘ready to go’, offers a superior whole life cost, can be installed easily & quickly and obtain multiple effluent parameters including disinfected effluent suitable for non-potable reuse.  It is fully containerized for export as the largest unit fits in a standard 40 foot container.  The Blivet has an unbeatable track record in 40+ countries in all climate extremes for over 20 years.

BMS Blivet ‘all in one’ containerized sewage treatment systems

Since its inception, BMS has been a Research & Development led organisation. In 1986 it launched the BMS Aerotor as a unique, patented, combined active aeration & fixed film bio-reactor i.e. a new generation rotating biological contactor (RBC). From this successful product, the need to eliminate in-situ tank construction was identified. Further R & D led to the first BMS Blivet in 1989 – The first ‘all in one’ package sewage treatment concept.

By the end of 2018 over 500 Blivet wastewater treatment plants have been manufactured in the BMS facility in Longford, Ireland with exports making up the majority of sales.  The Blivet operates in over 40+ different countries worldwide and on all 5 continents.  It is ideally suited for populations from 20 – 2000 Population Equivalents (PE) and can treat multiple different effluent parameters to the highest required levels, including Biochemical Oxygen Demand (BOD)Suspended Solids (SS), Chemical Oxygen Demand (COD), Ammonia (NH4),Nitrogen (N) & Phosphorus (P).  Disinfected effluent for reuse can also be produced.

If You Want Simple Operation and Great Long Term Performance choose the BMS Blivet.

Why choose the Blivet Sewage Treatment Solution?

  • excellent whole life cost (lifetime value)
  • minimal civil work’s (potentially large cost saving)
  • small footprint (most compact all in one sewage treatment system available)
  • lowest maintenance (1 unskilled man hour/week)
  • lowest power consumption
  • ISO 9001:2015 World Class Manufacturing (WCM) Quality
  • modular design (can be moved/expanded easily)
  • proven the world over
  • full technical back up
  • Integral 3 months + sludge storage
  • Outright Purchase/Hire Purchase & Lease Options

The Blivet is delivered ‘ready to go’ all that is required is that it is placed on a 20N concrete slab and that inlet/outlet pipes and electricity are connected.  It is in essence ‘plug and play’  The Blivet incorporates primary/final settlement and sewage treatment, therefore there is no need for expensive and time consuming civil works such as separate settlement, screens or septic tanks.   For ease of shipping the largest unit (BL4000) fits in standard 40 foot container.

*Quick & Easy Lid assembly is required for plants shipped in containers.

BMS offer a free Sewage Treatment Plant Design Service

If you have a project that requires sewage treatment from 20-5000 PE BMS offer a free no-obligation design service.

We have 30+ years experience in sewage treatment design in 40+ countries worldwide and all climate extremes including for residential, construction sites/camps, hotels, oil/gas/mining camps, offices and schools projects or where temporary treatment is required.

Our Package Sewage Treatment System Sizing & Selection Guide is an excellent free design resource that will allow you to size and select the appropriate sewage treatment plant for differing inlet loads and outlet effluent standards.  It also goes through sewage treatment terminology, calculations, troubleshooting and much more.

Our Education Blog also goes through sewage treatment terminology such as BOD, Population Equivalent, SS, Ammonia, Phosphorus in an easy to understand manner.

Please contact BMS if you would like to discuss your sewage treatment project.

Product Highlights

The BMS Blivet incorporates many innovative technological elements:
  • Aerobic Treatment – BMS Aerotor

  • Primary & Final Settlement – Lamellae Plate Settlement Technology

  • Plug flow

  • Sludge Storage – Minimum 3 months

  • Net Hydraulic Lift – Outlet is 150mm higher than inlet (allows at least 100 m gravity flow)

  • Above or below ground with no concrete surround – All purpose GRP Steel Reinforced Tank

  • Portable; can easily moved from site to site via truck or container

  • Delivered ‘ready to go’ – Plug & Play Technology

  • Exceptionally easy O&M; equivalent to 1/2-1 unskilled man hour per week

  • Very low power; only 2 electrical parts & 8-15 kw/h/day.

  • Modularity – Units can be expanded in parallel

  • Security – Lock down covers provide protection & safety

  • Flexibility – Units can be operated in parallel/series to achieve multiple effluent parameters

  • Containerized; all Blivets fit in a standard container for shipping

Temporary/Emergency Sewage Treatment

The Blivet is also ideal for temporary or emergency use, due to all the factors already mentioned.  Furthermore, it can be sited above or below ground without a concrete surround, can be commissioned in a few hours, only requires a 20N concrete slab by the plan area of the unit in term of civils,  is easily portable on a 40 foot truck and requires minimal operator input; making it ideal for temporary use, before being moved to another site or where an existing sewage treatment plant is over capacity of or is not functioning correctly.

Convert your sewage to water for reuse

The Blivet UV is an innovative solution that produces fully disinfected effluent suitable for irrigation or for non-potable purposes such as toilet flushing, dust suppression, wheel cleaning and process water in one ‘all in one’ plug and play unit.  The Blivet UV includes a Saran Filter to produce BOD 15 mg/l and Suspended Solids (SS) 15 mg/l effluent and a high-quality UV disinfection lamp in a discrete compartment at the end of the unit specifically designed to disinfect wastewater.  The Blivet UV is an ideal solution in two main situations:

Construction/Civil Engineering Sites

The Blivet UV is an excellent solution for treating sewage generated at construction compounds, especially on civil engineering projects remote from mains sewage access.  The sewage is fully treated and disinfected to a standard suitable for non-potable reuse on site.  The treated effluent is suitable for dust suppression, road cleaning, wheel washes & flushing toilets.  It has a compelling payback as it eliminates the need for daily/weekly tankering of raw sewage from the site and also vastly reduces potable water importation on to the site.  The Blivet UV is already deployed on sites in Ireland/UK.

Warm/Hot/Arid Countries

The Blivet UV is ideally in warmer countries where there is an increasing emphasis on water security and reuse.  The Blivet UV can produce effluent to both Oman and Dubai standards, while at the same still retaining the Blivets advantages of compactness, high quality, low lifetime costs along with low operator and power costs.  The largest Blivet UV units fits in a 45 foot container for ease of shipping.

All the items above are integrated into one unique ‘plug & play unit’; The BMS Recyclone.

Exceptionally Easy Operation & Maintenance

The BMS Blivet is exceptionally easy to operate and maintain.  It only requires 1/2-1 unskilled man hour per week.  No specialist knowledge is required.  The Blivet only has two electrical drives, a max 0.75 kW motor and a sludge return pump that comes for 4 minutes per hour.  All parts are from companies of world renown e.g. Nord/Weg that can be sourced locally.

Maintenance is as simple as check once per week, grease once per month, desludge every quarter and a fully service once per year.

You can view who simple the maintenance is on a short video on the BMS Youtube Channel

The Blivet is designed for a 25+ year lifespan due its European ISO 9001 Quality Manufacture and Parts.

In a world of increasing technological complication the Blivet offers: Simple Operation & Great Long Term Performance


Model Length Transport Weight

(Without Operating Load)

Nominal PE
(Based on ’25/35′ Effluent)
BL 300 Ø2.75 m 1.5 t 25
BL 500 4.9 m 3.0 t 62
BL 1000 5.4 m 3.4 t 125
BL 1500 6.4 m 4.0 t 188
BL 2000 7.5 m 4.7 t 250
BL 3000 9.3 m 5.8 t 312
BL 3500 10.1 m 6.3 t 460
BL 4000 10.9 m 7.0 t 500
All Units are 2.93 m high to the top of the lids and 2.27m wide except the BL300 unit which is 2.86 m high.

Blivet Applications

  • Villages
  • Housing Schemes
  • Factories
  • Holiday Resorts
  • Campsites
  • Marinas
  • Hotels
  • Caravan Parks
  • Mining/Oil/Gas Camps
  • Construction camps
  • Golf Clubs
  • Mobile Applications
  • Schools
  • Condominiums
  • Temporary or Emergency Use
  • Visitor Centres
  • Military Installations
  • Existing Plant Upgrades
  • Pubs & Restaurants

Blivet Discharge

  • To Percolation/Ground Soakage
  • UV Disinfection
  • Chlorine Tablet Disinfection
  • Direct Discharge to Receiving Waters
  • Irrigation/Reuse

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