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Project Description

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Mater Hospital, Surface Water Case Study

BMS Design Details: The Mater Hospital is one of the largest hospitals in Ireland.  FIMA Developments were the main Groundworks Contractor on the project for the main contractor, John Sisk and Sons Ltd.  The BMS Ecostorm Defender Vortex Silt/Oil Seperator proved an ideal solution for the project to remove any oil/silt before the surface water flowed into an existing on site attenuation system.  BMS unsurpassed ability to custom manufacture large tankage allowed the design and manufacture of a very large vortex silt/oil seperator for flows of up to 250 l/s.  The 250 l/s Ecostorm involved transport in the early hours of the morning as an oversized load with an escort.  The Ecostorm Defender is part of BMS surface water ‘one stop shop’ where BMS can offer all products including attenuation in the form of its world leading Stormbreaker, Drainmax infiltration tunnelsPetrol/Oil interceptorsHolding TanksRainwater Harvesting Tanks and Filters and Hydrobrakescustom designed and delivered to site.  Indeed, BMS can offer a full surface water attenuation installation service.  Highlighting BMS ‘one stop shop’, BMS also supplied a small full retention interceptor, a hydrobrake and a non return valve for fitting alongside the Ecostorm.

Supply Details:


(a) 1 No. 5 l/s BMS Stormbrake


(a) 1 No. BMS PF3 Class 1 Full Retention Interceptor (NSF 5.6 / Max Flow 5.6 l/s / 2,000 l Capacity)

Vortex Silt/Oil Seperator

(a) 1 No. BMS 250 l/s Ecostorm Defender

(a) 1 No. 150 mm non return valve (NRV)

Construction/Installation Details: BMS designed, manufactured and delivered all of the above.

Operation/Maintenance Details:

The Ecostorm Defender is very easy to maintain.  Depending on the flow and pollutant loading on site the containment chamber of the Ecostorm weather can be cleaned by suction tanker by an appropriately licensed contractor.  The easy access sediment and floatable containment chambers should be monitored periodically for pollutant loading.  Similarly any silt and oil in a BMS Full Retention Interceptor can be removed by suction tanker.


Vortex Silt/Oil Seperator: A hydrodynamic vortex seperator system designed to seperate grit/floating pollutants, oil, debris and contaminated settling solids from Stormwater.  They are usually used up stream of attenuation/holding ponds as a means of pollutant removal.  Full details of how a Vortex Silt/Oil Seperator like the BMS Ecostorm Defender functions can be found on the Ecostorm Page.

Project Gallery

250 l/s BMS Ecostorm Vortex Oil/Silt Seperator on its way to the Mater Hospital

Project Details


Dec 2012


FIMA Developments Ltd (Groundworks Contractor)


Malachi Cullen & Associates, Old Bridge House, Strand Street, Athlone, Co. Westmeath, Ireland.


FIMA Developments were the main groundworks contractors during a major redevelopment of the Mater Hospital, Dublin.  Part of the upgrade involved installing a new car park.  FIMA needed a solution that could remove silt/oil from a large surface water flow of up to 250 l/s before connecting it to an existing on site attenuation system.


€15,000 +