Free Sewage Treatment & Surface Water Design Service

2019-02-15T09:41:45+00:00February 13th, 2019|Services|

BMS have over 30 years’ experience in sewage, wastewater and surface water design.  If you have a project requiring sewage treatment, BMS can prepare a customised proposal and drawings.  BMS can also design your surface water management system and have invested in specialist software to provide cutting edge project design.   Design Services

Sewage Treatment and Pump Operation & Maintenance Service

2019-02-19T14:52:37+00:00January 14th, 2018|Operation & Maintenance, Services|

BMS offers a comprehensive range of Operation & Maintenance (O&M) services along with repairs and spare parts for commercial pump stations and wastewater/sewage treatment systems.  BMS are the experts and the Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) of the BMS Aerotor and Blivet and can supply a comprehensive range of off the shelf parts ex-works or

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