These pumps are ideal for stationary or portable use. Ideal for rainwater, lightly polluted water and domestic waste water from dishwashers and washing machines but not lavatory effluent.

With an in-built robust float they can also be used to alleviate flooding without supervision.

U 3 K (S) Niro – Submersible Pump

The U 3 K (S) Niro is an extremely versatile submersible pump for stationary and portable use. EIP technology for safer operation, integrated flushing device for reducing deposits and integrated low level pumping for preventing flooding are only a few of the innovative features that set this pump apart.

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U 6 K Niro

The U 6 K Niro is suitable for stationary and portable use. It can be used as a drainage pump for mildly contaminated waste and ground water, in drains with rain water, drainage or seepage water, silage liquor and also liquid manure. The mechanical seal also makes the pump suitable for extracting abrasive media.

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