Sustainable Urban Drainage Systems (SuDS) have emerged as the best way to address storm flows and flooding from sealed surfaces. The BMS Stormbreaker is a world-leading solution for the attenuation, infiltration, soakaway & storage of surface water due to rainfall.  It was developed as the result of an extensive R&D program and close collaboration with industry practitioners.

What makes Stormbreaker unique?

Recognising the need to develop a water attenuation system, which is affordable and of the highest quality in order to service this expanding market, BMS are pleased to introduce the Stormbreaker.

The Stormbreaker, when combined with our existing surface water products, leaves us with the unique capability of supplying a complete ‘one stop shop’ for all water attenuation, infiltration & storage requirements from to design to installation of a customised solution.

The Stormbreaker can be used for attenuation, infiltration, as a soakaway, under permeable paving, as underground drainage tanks, as a rainwater storage solution or as part of a blue roof system.  Both permeable or impermeable systems are available.

There are many plastic attenuation systems on the market, so what makes the Stormbreaker different?

Its main point of difference is its immense strength;

Its certified vertical loading is 756 kN/m2.  BMS have observed vertical loading in excess of 900 kN/m2 in product quality testing.

To demonstrate the Stormbreaker’s strength BMS commissioned a video where a 18 tonne fire truck is driven over a Stormbreaker installation with only 130 mm of cover in the form of sand and paving brick.

The video shows that the Stormbreaker does not move vertically or laterally or suffer any kind of structural damage despite the 18 tonne load and only 130 mm of cover.

Product Highlights

  • Unmatched peace of mind
    over the 50 year + lifespan of an attenuation system; it will take any traffic load without moving, breaking or collapsing.

  • Minimal cover requirement
    it can be installed with only 130 mm of cover for patios, blue/green roots and pedestrian traffic areas and only 600 mm of cover under roadways.

  • Unrivalled Installation depth range
    from one Stormbreaker piece; 0.165 mm to an installation as deep as 18.56 m.  This means the Stormbreaker can achieve virtually any storage volume no matter what the site constraints are.

Product Awards

Its other world-leading features are:

  • The Stormbreaker can be installed in half the time compared to most other systems due to its lego-like assembly.
  • Furthermore, once installed it is essentially maintenance free i.e. no grit/silt can enter the system.
  • It is fully Agrément Certified.

The Stormbreaker is manufactured in fully certified Polypropylene in Ireland.  The Stormbreaker’s class-leading strength is derived from its unique arched rib design and interlocking installation pattern, which not only makes it extremely strong but also allows individual units to be lightweight, easy to manually lift and thus install.

Other features of the Stormbreaker include:

  • 94% void ratio.
  • Community Registered Design.
  • Only two parts; feet on the base layer & Stormbreaker.
  • Can be pre-assembled in up to 10m3 stacks.
  • 45% less transport space required than conventional systems.
  • Safer installation due to meshed rib design.
  • Agrément Certificate is available at

A Demonstration Video Showing How Quick & Easy the Stormbreaker is can be seen below.  A real time video can be seen at the following link.

Stormbreaker offers lego-like quick installation

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